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offerings in the snow Offerings in the Snow: A Christmas Story
"Stories of laughter, loss, hope and blessing are sprinkled with images of a ring-eyed pup and baby Jesus in red cowboy boots. Offerings in the Snow creates a refreshing escape from modern commercialism…prepare to drift away into a world of Christmas past as you delve into this delicious novel." Lauren Rippey, Southern Living Magazine
ISBN: 0938604074  Hardcover $13.95

Foxgrapes Foxgrapes: Poems of the Plains and the People
"She writes of the Native American without sliding into maudlin sentimentality. She retains control and the result is extraordinarily successful." Geary Hobson, editor, The Remembered Earth
ISBN: 0910584451 Paperback $7.98

The Leap Years The Leap Years: Women Reflect on Change, Loss and Love Coedited with Mary Anne Maier
Often impassioned and profound, many of the writings in this collection are captivating. --  Kirkus Reviews
ISBN: 0807065153 Paperback $16.00
The First Starry Night
The First Starry Night
"The intense palette of reds, oranges, blues and purples also echoes the master... this appealing book could introduce the techniques and themes of the impressionists in a pleasantly accessible way” School Library Journal
ISBN:158089027X  Paperback $6.95

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